27 ianuarie 2010

Journal of Social Researc&Policy

Call for papers on `Education and life chances`

Deadline for submission: March 15th 2010

Articles, research notes and book reviews are awaited at office@jsrp.ro

The first issue of JSR&P will be focusing on `Education and life chances`

Education and education-policy are arenas of intense struggles framed within various value systems contending in the modern ideological landscape. Issues of meritocracy, equality and equity, inclusion, exclusion, competition or effectiveness are intensely debated in this showground, informing policy and research in the field of education with an often implicit regard for the wider social consequences of educational processes. No wonder that education in itself is promoted in various ways or, every now and then even contested, as the privileged domain of social intervention. This special issue of Journal of Social Policy and Research will focus on papers devoted to theory-driven or applied inquiries in the field of education as a decisive producer of life chances and social stratification.

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