16 februarie 2009

Are surveys art?


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via Cognitive Daily on 2/16/09

In honor of President's Day in the U.S., I bring you this work of "art," generated on the basis of a survey of 1,001 Americans' preferences about art:


The work was created to embody the survey responses. The respondents were asked questions like "what is your favorite color" and "would you prefer paintings of outdoor scenes or indoor scenes." The artists, Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid, then tried to paint as many as possible of the survey responses into the scene.

Thus, blue dominates in this painting of an outdoor landscape. There are wild animals (as opposed to pets), and a family group (rather than an individual). George Washington is present because people said if famous people were depicted, the preference would be for historical figures rather than contemporaries.

The same survey was repeated around the world. Interestingly, the results were nearly the same almost everywhere. You can see the full set of paintings here.

Here are the survey results.

So, is this art? Is it even science? Discuss.

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